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Build a cutting-edge computer vision solution to reimagine your business with innovation and efficiency gains

Our computer vision Services

Whatever computer vision challenge you might face, chances are this territory is already familiar to us. We know how to do the tech trick, but there’s more. As your partner, we care about your business success so you can be sure our computer vision services will get you ROI fast.

Image Classification

Need highly accurate image classification? We can bring you a powerful computer vision solution for this purpose, from automated image organization in apps or visual databases to visual search, content moderation, and beyond.

Object Tracking

We help companies leverage deep learning algorithms to estimate and predict the position of a moving object in a video. Surveillance solutions, intelligent systems for activity recognition, or traffic monitoring systems, we’ve successfully done it all.

Image Segmentation

Semantic and instance segmentation is also part of our computer vision services. We will help you obtain rich object information, be it for medical diagnostics, robotics, video surveillance, traffic monitoring,

Pose Estimation

Use our computer vision services to go with the best-fitting approach and library for interpreting a human posture with deep learning. Whether you are in retail, fitness, sports, or gaming or want to train robots, we will bring your vision to life.

Object Detection

Detect and extract objects from video based on trained AI models. then classify each object to enable intelligent video analysis to empower users with granular search, smart alerting and comprehensive reporting.

Intelligent Video Analysis

As part of our computer vision services, we deliver superior video analysis technology for video description, segmentation, summarization (feature, event, motion/color, and object-based), and post-processing.

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Computer Vision Development Offerings

Services for Enterprises to enable Face recognition/ detection, Video analytics and Image processing Solutions.

Amazon Rekognition-based Solutions

Facilitate more useful results from your video and image with automated Image and Video Analysis solutions with Amazon Recognition.

Google Cloud
Vision Offerings

Explore Google Cloud Vision for image insights, plus Google AutoML Vision for advanced image analysis in the cloud.

Scaling applications with Azure Cognitive Services.

Leverage Azure Cognitive Services for scalable app solutions, enabling real-time video and image analysis in the cloud.

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