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Medical Billing Services

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Stackmatrix Medical Billing Services offers a comprehensive revenue cycle management solution tailored to support over 32 specialties, facilitating faster and more efficient payments. Our skilled team manages the entire billing process, starting from claim creation and submission to proactive follow-up, denial management, appeals, payment posting, and comprehensive reporting.

Backed by advanced AI technology and in-depth knowledge of medical billing processes, we are dedicated to empowering practice staff to achieve 4-10% higher reimbursements and expedite payments by up to 35%. Whether you represent a multi-specialty group or operate as a solo practitioner, Stackmatrix Medical Billing Service is your partner in taking charge of billing operations and optimizing revenue.

With over 5 years of experience in medical billing, our team combines extensive expertise with cutting-edge technology to propel your billing operations forward, regardless of practice size or specialization.

Medical Billing Services

Knowledge Base Automation

Navigating payor changes can be daunting, but Stackmatrix is committed to providing support every step of the way. We proactively manage these transitions by continuously updating our rules engine—a robust knowledge base containing over 4 million rules. This engine automatically identifies potential claim issues before submission, ensuring that 96% of our claims are accepted and processed on the first attempt. This efficiency ultimately leads to faster collections for you. Should a claim be denied, our specialized team handles the denial process on your behalf and integrates a new protocol into our database to avert similar denials in the future. Our physician billing services simplify the claims procedure, allowing you to concentrate on providing top-notch care your patients.

In the case of a denial, our dedicated team of experts manages the denial at their end and adds another rule to our database, preventing that denial from ever reoccurring for a Stackmatrix Medical Billing Services provider.

  • Fee Schedule Evaluation and Analysis
  • Verification of Eligibility
  • Support with EDI, ERA, and Provider Enrollment
  • Submission of Claims via Electronic and Paper Formats
  • Management of Accounts Receivable
  • Processing Secondary Insurance Billing
  • Handling Incoming Patient Inquiries
  • Recovery of Outstanding Account Receivables
  • Alerts for Referral and Authorization Requirements
  • Entry of Charges across All Specialties
  • Recording Insurance and Patient Payments
  • Thorough Follow-Up with Insurance Providers
  • Processing and Mailing Patient Statements
  • Reviewing and Managing Denials
  • Appealing Denied or Underpaid Claims
  • Generating Management Reports


Stackmatrix's revenue cycle management service ensures that missed collections become a thing of the past. Our solution offers complete visibility into your performance, empowering you to enhance collections and achieve faster payments with minimal effort.

Billing Sophistication

At Stackmatrix, we aim to eradicate revenue inefficiencies and enhance revenue capture by optimizing your entire workflow, from eligibility verification and check-in to copay collection and back-office operations. Partnering with us typically yields a 5-10% surge in collections within the initial months, with an impressive 96% of claims paid upon first submission. Moreover, we aid in substantial reduction of accounts receivable (A/R) days and denials, while ensuring prompt dispatch of patient statements for complete visibility and transparency into your earnings. We guarantee:

  • Achieve a 5% – 10% surge in collections during the initial months.
  • Secure payment for 96% of claims upon initial submission.
  • Experience substantial decreases in accounts receivable (A/R) days and claim denials.
  • Receive prompt dispatch of patient statements.
  • Enjoy clear visibility and transparency of earnings.
  • Ensure smooth operations with zero disruption due to ICD-10 transitions.

With our unique blend of personal attention and billing sophistication, Stackmatrix is here to take your billing operations to the next level.

Top Quality Medical Billing Services

Stackmatrix is a leading medical revenue cycle company renowned for its innovative solutions and services catering to medical practices, clinics, and hospitals. Our revenue cycle management services are widely acclaimed for their accuracy, efficiency, and effectiveness in optimizing financial performance within the healthcare industry. We prioritize customer satisfaction and uphold a commitment to excellence, solidifying our reputation as a credible and reliable partner for healthcare organizations seeking to enhance their revenue cycle management processes.

Our dedicated staff is focused on achieving maximum recovery of contractually due amounts from payers. We prioritize compliance and deliver superior customer service that is unmatched in the industry. With an impressive 99% customer retention rate, we take pride in offering the highest quality service available. Our doctor billing services empower practices to enhance performance, expedite payment processes, and reduce unnecessary administrative burden.

Our devoted team is dedicated to maximizing recovery on amounts owed by payers as per contract. Our unparalleled commitment to compliance and exceptional customer service sets us apart in the industry. With a remarkable 99% customer retention rate, we proudly deliver the highest quality service available. Our physician billing services empower practices to enhance performance, expedite payments, and streamline operations, minimizing unnecessary tasks.

Save Money

With our Medical Billing Services you will receive the following at no additional cost:

  • Electronic Medical Record
  • Practice Management
  • Patient Portal
  • IPad App
  • Back up, Maintenance, Hosting, Support, Free Upgrades
  • Vaccine Management System

Cost Reduction

At Stackmatrix, our mission is to drive down costs while maximizing revenue collection for you. With our cutting-edge software and scalable options, we provide a comprehensive billing solution at a cost-effective rate. This means you can sidestep the need to hire specialized billers or invest time in training your staff for intricate billing tasks – we handle everything for you.

Our solution simplifies revenue collection processes, lightening the load on your staff and empowering you to collect more from patients and payers alike. By partnering with Stackmatrix, you can allocate more time to your patients and less time navigating payer intricacies, allowing you to focus on delivering top-notch care.

KPI Dashboard

  • Gain real-time insight into performance indicators such as copays collected, accounts receivable per payor, denials, and cash flow.
  • Assess your practice revenue to track your billing team’s performance effectively.
  • Access daily appointment summaries and updated patient balances to enhance collection efficiency at the point of service.

Check in

  • Insurance and benefits eligibility are automatically verified in real-time during check-in for streamlined processing.
  • The scheduler provides the latest patient balance information, and prompts for copay collection to ensure timely payment at the point of service.
  • Effortlessly collect self-pay and copayments via credit card or other payment methods, and swiftly establish payment plans if needed—all contributing to improved financial outcomes.

e-super Bill

Most EHRs narrow down your diagnosis codes based on the documentation provided. Stackmatrix EHR goes a step further.

  • It suggests the appropriate Evaluation and Management (E&M) code based on the provided information.
  • Additionally, it identifies any missing components required for a specific level of E&M coding.
  • This functionality significantly minimizes the risk of coding errors, ensures accurate coding, and eliminates the necessity of hiring a separate coder to review documentation for small practices.

Advanced Reporting

Outsourcing to us doesn't mean relinquishing control of your practice. With our online reporting and analytics, you maintain complete financial visibility from any location, at any time. Our Medical Billing Services software offers:

  • Pre-formatted reports to gauge your practice performance and pinpoint areas for enhancement.
  • Customized reports tailored to reveal insights into your specific challenges and performance objectives.

Quick Setup

No matter the size or location of your practice, transitioning with Stackmatrix is a straightforward, cost-effective, and seamless experience. By outsourcing your billing services to Stackmatrix, you can enhance patient satisfaction, safeguard patient data, improve cash flow, and reduce administrative tasks.

We handle all aspects of system setup, documentation, EDI implementation, process coordination, and training at no extra cost. There are no software installation fees—you only pay based on the dollars we successfully collect.

Our implementation team will guide you through a streamlined program to set up and customize Stackmatrix for your practice—covering everything from electronic claims to procedures, fee schedules, follow-up parameters, and tailored reports.

Relax and leave behind the complexities of Medical Billing Services for small practices. Stackmatrix has your back, ready to handle challenges like ICD-10 or any other regulatory changes that could impact your financial performance.

Starting a New Practice

We specialize in setting up new practices.We know how hard it is to invest money in expensive technology and services without knowing how many patients will walk through your door.

Specializing in launching new practices, we understand the apprehension of investing in costly technology and services with uncertain patient volume. Unlike competitors with exorbitant fees, our Medical Billing Services is cost-effective from the outset. We offer comprehensive support throughout startup, credentialing, implementation, and crucial initial months of operation. Leveraging our billing expertise, we navigate startup challenges, while our software automates most practice processes, enabling peak efficiency with minimal staff from day one.

We are in this for the long haul. Come grow your practice with us!​