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Staff Augmention Services

Staff Augmention Services & Solutions

Staff augmentation is a flexible hiring strategy where companies supplement their existing workforce with external talent to meet project demands or fill skill gaps.

Our Staff Augmention Services

Our Staff Augmentation Services provide skilled professionals to enhance your team’s capabilities, ensuring project success and flexibility in meeting business objectives.

Add Extra Force in Your Existing Project

Augment your existing team with the extra talent to deliver a high-quality project within your timeline. Leverage our IT team augmentation services to build custom teams with a diverse set of skills to cover your business needs.

Short-Term Staff Augmentation

Leverage this hiring model for urgent hiring of tech talent. Along with ready-to-go teams, we have a candidate base of top talent that can take on the job within a week.

Vendor Transition

Looking for a new technology provider to launch your solution? We assist you in a smooth and effective vendor transition and take over your project in the middle of your journey.

Long-Term Extended Team

We offer custom recruitment for stable cooperation - you get a developer hired with the required hard & soft skills. Your project manager can supervise task completion, while we shoulder the rest.

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Benefits of our IT Staff Augmentation Services

Our IT Staff Augmentation Services offer numerous benefits including access to specialized expertise, scalability to meet fluctuating demands, cost-effectiveness compared to traditional hiring, and accelerated project timelines. We ensure seamless integration of top talent into your team, fostering innovation and driving success.

No Recruitment Hassles

Our IT augmentation services save your company the hassle of searching and recruiting vetted development talent. We take over the screening process and send you approved CVs.

Fewer Legal Hassles

Within our IT augmentation services, we remain the official employers of your hires. Our company takes care of all legal responsibilities and documentation.

Aggressive Deadlines

Ramp up your technical capacity, when chasing a stringent deadline. Our team of developers dedicates their efforts to delivering the project in time.

Lower Operational Costs

Reduce your company spending by eliminating the costs of office space, equipment, and taxes. Pay for what drives the most value for your company.

Access to Vetted Talent

Devox Software offers you immediate access to a vast talent pool at affordable costs. Amplify your team with certified software specialists.

Full Control

We encourage you to cherry-pick your team members and participate in the screening process. Manage your project success and stay updated on all changes.

What Can We Build for You?

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Our IT Staff Augmentation Process

1: Tell your requirements

Share your augmentation needs, including relevant tech stack, team size, and staffing period. The more details we have, the faster we’ll connect you with the ideal candidates

2: Choose developers

We provide ready-to-go teams for urgent staff needs. However, if you want to get a custom-recruited developer for long-lasting collaboration, you can participate in selecting and interviewing.

4: Manage extended team

The extended team adjusts to your internal schedule and shares the same project management tools as your on-site team. If you want to hand over team management, we can offer part-time or full-time Project Manager

3: Onboard remote programmers

Staff augmentation includes full integration with your in-house team, thus ensuring successful collaboration. Brief your hires on project details and assign responsibilities to each team member.

5: Get your project delivered

We monitor the project's success to make sure your requirements are met. The result of our collaboration is a robust digital solution delivered timely.